Destination Wedding Planning 4

I sent along the official itinerary to Diana and William for their review the other day.  I was so thrilled to be able to put together their itinerary.  I met some new people (including them) along the way and am deeply intrigued by the whole destination wedding idea.  Very doable on all budgets and especially in our beautiful city of Seattle!  I am a Seattle native and I LOVE SEATTLE!!  It is a joy and privalege to introduce new people to my city.  Plus, what a great place to get married, eh?

By the way, we have added a matching boutineer to Diana’s clutch bouquet for the day.  She chose the color pink, which will be lovely and William will have a matching boutineer in pink!  And we have arranged details for Lou to get a tux for the big day! It’s all coming together…they arrive just next week.  How exciting!!!  Oh, thanks Alisha for all your fantastic help!

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