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Welcome!  I am Elaine Way, wedding officiant, and I want to thank you for visiting.  I am a mom with one son, a dog owner, a salsa dancer wannabe, a cook, a gardener, an entrepreneur, a volunteer for the homeless, and a native of Seattle who still stops at crosswalks for pedestrians. As if that weren’t enough, I have this amazing career as a non-denominational wedding officiant.

I have been licensed and ordained to marry couples in the state of Washington since 2009. I support all denominations lovingly and thoughtfully.  December 2012 saw the passing of Ref74, which now allows our loving same gender couples the right to marry.  I look forward to the day when everyone everywhere has the right to marry the ones they love.

The two most important things I have learned through my years in this industry are:

  1. There is no right way or wrong way to do your wedding – only your way, and
  2. Customer service is very important to me so each question or concern will be thoroughly discussed, your phone calls returned and pertinent e-mails sent. Each time we meet I will bring enthusiasm, creativity and passion to help you create a ceremony that you and your guests will love and remember.

I offer a free one-hour consultation where we will meet face-to-face so we can get to know each other. The hour that we spend together will consist of 50% getting to know you and 50% walking you through the process of getting married. We will discuss getting your marriage license, talk about your vision for your ceremony, music order, rehearsal and much more.

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I invite you to fill out my  contact form or call me at  206-406-7919
I would love to be your wedding officiant!