A hello from a bride who is far, far away

Yesterday, while doing some year end work with my marketing campaign I inadvertently sent off an e-mail to a bride I married last year.  She sent me a reply questioning the content and I quickly cleared it up.   She told me two really exciting things in her e-mail:  1) she and her sweetie are coming up on their one-year anniversary, and 2) she is deployed in Afghanistan.  So she was e-mailing me all the way from Afghanistan!  I was so honored that she would take the time to contact me while in such an intense environment.  I asked her for an update and this is what she told me:

William is currently in Tacoma Washington working on Fort Lewis.  He just finished his MBA. He is busy these days working and sending me care packages! ; )  I am stationed in Bagram Afghanistan working as the United States Forces- Afghanistan Force Health Protection Officer.  I work with the regional Environmental Science Officers to ensure the health of the war fighters.  We work with all types of environmental media to include water, air and food.  There are lots of other areas that we encompass but that is the “in a nut shell” definition. Take care and have a Merry Christmas!   Naomi
I was so honored to hear from Naomi about what she and William are doing.  So first of all, I’d like to shout out a big HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO NAOMI AND WILLIAM, and secondly THANK YOU BOTH FOR YOUR DEDICATION TO OUR COUNTRY!!!
By the way, anyone who would like to should out to Naomi and William and thank them for their commitment to our country can do so below.

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  1. Carol Hogan
    Carol Hogan says:

    I am so honored to be able to send you a very heart felt thank you and a very Merry Christmas to you. I hope that you are safe and will be home with your family soon. I have a daughter in the Navy that has deployed twice so I can honestly tell you how proud I am of you and the sacrifices that you have made. Be safe, God bless you and your family. My sincere appreciation, Carol Hogan

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