Great Waterfront Hotel For In-suite Wedding!

I just returned from doing a really sweet wedding for a couple at the Edgewater Hotel (  Remember the one that years ago (I don’t want to date myself here) advertised “Fish From Your Window”?  Yep, that one.  Since I was there last, they have done a renovation which is gives the hotel a rustic and cozy feeling.

Anyway, my couple rented a one-bedroom suite that featured french doors separating the bedroom and bathroom from the sitting room, where we did the ceremony.   And to add to the ambiance they had a waterfront room so there will be some great sunset pictures.  I brought the cake, flowers and photographer and the bride decorated the room.  Since I had my photographer there I didn’t take pics with my Blackberry, which just isn’t doing my pictures justice lately, so thank you Peter for your pictures when they are developed.

This is an excellent idea for a small wedding.  I highly recommend it because it’s cozy, romantic and small enough that you can handle the details, and large enough so you can invite 10 or so of your friends and family.  And if you wanted, you could invite more friends to meet you in the hotel lounge for a celebratory glass of champagne — and then maybe dinner in the hotel restuarant!!   The options are really limitless with this one-bedroom hotel suite wedding idea.

And last but certainly not least — Congratulations Kathy and David!  Kathy you really did a fantastic job with your decorations and planning.  You made my job so easy because you had a vision and it was a joy putting your vision together!  Thank you for including me in your very special day!

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