Rent a “Bathhouse” for your Wedding Venue

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I just did a wedding at the Golden Gardens Bathhouse last night that was truly amazing.  It was amazing because this is a facility that is a blank slate except for the beach right outside the windows.  It has been remodeled so it is a very clean canvas to work with.  The couple that I married last night, however, really made an impression on me as to how much this space can be transformed.  Lisa chose purple and green for her “colors”.  The tables were beautiful with their green runners and brightly colored flowers in shades of purple and pink.  The vases were also filled with sliced limes, adding to the purple and green color scheme. The biggest feature that really transformed this space, however, was the lighting.  Lisa’s mom hired a specialty lighting company to bring in strings of lights that were hung up everywhere, creating a very intimate and romantic setting.

Check out the Golden Gardens Bathhouse for your wedding: Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall!

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