Elopement on the 75th floor of Columbia Tower

Cody and Rae contacted me just under a month ago to discuss their “last minute” wedding.  They live in Idaho but wanted to come to Seattle to elope.  I did not meet them in person until the morning of their wedding at their hotel in downtown Seattle.  What transpired during that meeting was something I could not have planned on my best day!  They had originally wanted to get married on Seattle’s waterfront.   Because the weather was cold and damp, however, our morning meeting was spent talking about plan B.  Plan B ended up being the observation deck of the Columbia Tower — 75 stories above their original waterfront location!  The entire experience of getting the “ok” from the Columbia Tower — to marrying Cody and Rae against such a dramatic skyline — to the Columbia Tower gifting Cody and Rae with a bottle of cold champagne was nothing short of magical.  I have to say that in all my years of officiating weddings this was probably one of the most unique elopements I have had the pleasure of being involved with.  The spontaneity of putting together a plan B that Cody and Rae will always remember and sharing their magical moment was truly amazing for me.  Congratulations Cody and Rae!

Please enjoy a few pictures of the day below (unfortunately my camera was on the blink so the pictures aren’t the best but I think you will feel the love and the drama of the setting):

[nggallery id=22]


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  1. Rae Barney
    Rae Barney says:

    Elaine- we just LOVED reading this blog! Thank you so much for everything you did to help make our wedding day perfect. I will make sure to email this link to all of our friends and family. What an amazing experience! You’re the best!
    Lots of love,
    Rae and Cody

  2. eway
    eway says:

    Rae and Cody,
    You absolutely made my wedding season! To be able to share such a lovely moment with you in such an amazing space was something that we never could have planned. You brought the love and I brought the words and it all turned out amazing! (I just wish my camera would have been charged…duh.) I hope you have a wonderful holiday season as “Mr. and Mrs.”
    Much love to you,

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