Now Offering Free Skype Consultations!

I am happy to announce that you can now have a free consultation with me using video to video Skype! What this means for you is that if your sweetie is in the military and is deployed and you want him/her to be involved in the initial consultation, I can talk to both of you — assuming you have Skype 5.0 and a webcam. Or if one of you is in Seattle but the other is out of town and has access to Skype, we can all talk at the same time. Or if you both live out of state but want to have your nuptials in the beautiful state of Washington, we can chat live via Skype about your special day.

Just call me 206-406-7919 or e-mail me a good time to chat. I’ll confirm my availability and Voila! We’ll be able to meet “face to face”. My Skype link is available at the bottom of every page of my website.

I look forward to chatting soon!

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