Take me out to the Ball Game Wedding at Safeco Field!

When I first met with Robert and Melissa, they shared with me that their first date was at Safeco Field and that this was the venue they had chosen for their wedding.  I really had no idea what to expect because I have only been to one baseball game at the ballpark.  On their wedding day I was really excited to see what they put together for their ballpark themed wedding.

Robert and Melissa reserved a private room for their ceremony in the Ellis Pavilion (located at the Third Base Entrance to the ballpark).  They brought in dozens of baseballs and a jersey for their guests to sign rather than a traditional guest book.

Robert and Melissa Ball Game Wedding at Safeco Field

Robert and Melissa Ball Game Wedding at Safeco Field

Robert and Melissa’s ceremony included a cute story called “Love Monkey,” which was read by a family member.  When we got to the vows Robert and Melissa presented Robert’s daughter with a lovely ring symbolizing their new union as a family.   After the ceremony, the guests signed the baseballs and jersey and then headed up to the private suites for the reception.

 Robert and Melissa Ball Game Wedding at Safeco Field

 While the guests headed up to the reception the wedding party stopped into the official Mariner’s interview room to sign the wedding license.  We all had fun pretending to be interviewed!

Robert and Melissa Ball Game Wedding at Safeco Field

Robert and Melissa reserved two suites for their reception which overlooked the ballpark.  With a setting like this for your reception who needs decorations?   The guests were treated to food catered by the ballpark which included some traditional (hot dogs) and non-traditional (mac-n-cheese) favorites including a full bar.  Guests had their choice of sitting inside the suites to watch the game on several TV’s placed around the room or heading out to the deck that overlooked the ball park.  It was so fun eating a hotdog and watching the game just above 1st base!

Robert and Melissa Ball Game Wedding at Safeco Field


Robert and Melissa Ball Game Wedding at Safeco Field

I had a great time officiating Robert and Melissa’s wedding!  The venue, the food, and the entertainment added such a personal and fun touch to the day — certainly a wedding that the couple’s guests and I will not forget.  Congratulations Robert and Melissa!

Robert and Melissa Ball Game Wedding at Safeco Field

Last Minute Wedding? I can do it!

The couples I marry contact me with all different lead times for their wedding.  Sometimes I get the inquiry for my services months in advance — in fact I have already booked a wedding for 2013!  And other times I get a phone call from a couple who exclaims, “We want to get married as soon as possible”.  I will then ask, “how soon?”.  And they may answer tomorrow or next week or even next month.  That is what I often refer to as a “last minute wedding”.

A last minute wedding  can be any of the following:

  • You want a small, intimate wedding with just close friends
  • One or both of you have been called on military deployment
  • You eloped and now you want a real ceremony in front of friends and family
  • You want an understated but charming ‘second-time-around’ wedding
  • You need a perfectly planned, short-notice vow renewals ceremony
  • You pulled everything together at the last minute but you forgot to hire an officiant!

Whatever your situation, I can help!  Recently, I officiated a beautiful wedding for a small group of 20 at the Palisades Restaurant’s Magnolia room.  My couple called me a month in advance for what turned out to be a beautifully orchestrated day – with only a month’s planning.

last minute wedding, quick wedding, Seattle Wedding Officiants, Palisades restaurant, magnolia room, Seattle Wedding, Elaine

Last minute wedding, Magnolia Room Palisades Restaurant, Palisades restaurant, Seattle Wedding Officiants, Seattle Wedding, Elaine Way

This weekend I also had the pleasure of officiating a last minute wedding at Gasworks Park.  What an amazing day it was on top of the hill overlooking Lake Union.  The couple even brought their pooch, Bennett!

Last minute wedding, Gasworks park, park wedding, Seattle Wedding Officiants, Elaine Way, quick wedding

last minute wedding, Gasworks park, park wedding, Seattle Wedding, Seattle Wedding Officiants, Elaine Way

There are so many fun and beautiful locations to have your last minute wedding.  I am a native of Seattle and I have many favorites.  Here are just a few recommendations for your last minute wedding:

And don’t forget to check out all the hundreds of Seattle parks:  http://www.seattle.gov/parks/.  Each park has it’s own rules and regulations so you will want to make sure to read the fine print.

Call me today (206.406.7919) to help you get started planning your last minute wedding!

Food Truck For Your Wedding Caterer? You Bet!

I was strolling through the grocery store the other day when a magazine cover of Seattle Met (May issue) caught my eye.  The cover’s title said in big blocky letters:  FOOD TRUCKS.  Being the foodie that I am (I know we are all sick of that term but I don’t know what else to call myself), I immediately purchased the magazine.  I was intrigued with what seems to be a new trend in Seattle — moving wheels of goodness.  I went home and read the article with fascination….and here’s what I learned.

Seattle Food Truck, Catering, Seattle Wedding, Seattle Wedding Officiants, Elaine Way

Did you know that there are 143 full service food trucks scattered around our city?  Did you know that in July 2011 the city council adopted legislation that opened up public roadways to food trucks?  Did you know that food trucks serve everything from crepes to BBQ to grass-fed beef burgers piled high with arugula and cambozola slathered with bacon jam?  Me neither…

Seattle Food Trucks, Seattle Catering, Seattle Wedding Officiants, Seattle Wedding, Elaine Way

So what about a food truck for your wedding reception?  I would like to suggest to my audience (engaged couples and couples hoping to be engaged) that we take a moment to think outside of the box.  Picture an outdoor summer wedding at a beautiful Seattle Park, i.e. Coleman Park on the shores of Lake Washington.  It’s post-ceremony and your guests are ready to eat, drink and be “marry.”   In rolls Skillet Street Food to serve up a delicious meal of kale ceasar salad, grilled asparagus and braised Draper Valley chicken.  Really – you ask?  A food truck can prepare a scrumptious meal on the road?  Yes! Yes! Yes!

Seattle Food Truck, catering, Seattle catering, Seattle wedding, Seattle Wedding Officiants, Elaine Way

If you are as intrigued as I was about this new trend of rolling nirvana, please check out Christopher Werner’s entire article in the current issue of Seattle Met: Food Truck City.   This article completely turned my head around about this style of catering that is perfect for an outdoor, indoor or anywhere Seattle wedding!

(Pictures courtesy of Young Lee Photography)

The Show Must Go On

I recently experienced the death of my mother and was inspired to write a little bit about how to “do life” when you are grieving.

Picture yourself in the middle of your wedding planning.  You have your heart set on that special person in your life — whether it’s your father, your mother or an uncle — walking you down the aisle.  Maybe you are expecting a distant relative to travel to your destination to share your joyous event.  Enter life.

We are all on our own journeys with expectations that this or that is going to happen at a particular time.  Life, however, doesn’t work that way.  Even with the best event coordinator money can buy, life has other plans for us.

We must be ready to go with the flow, be strong and bounce back – even when it sucks!

So if you lose a loved one that was supposed to walk you down the aisle or be sitting with your other guests supporting you on your very special day, here are some ideas to honor them in spirit:

1. Wear something that your loved-one wore on their wedding day (for example if the person is your mother), or pin a photo into your dress so they can be with you. You can also place a small photo of your loved on in your bouquet (in a tiny frame), or incorporate it into the ribbon.

2. You can leave a chair empty where the person would have sat at the ceremony and/or reception, out of a sign of respect. Or, a separate chair can be set up to represent theirs, with their photo on the chair.

3. Ask the officiant to say a few words about those who aren’t able to be present in body, but are in spirit. He or she has likely done this before, and can help you with the wording.

4. Write a letter or poem of what you would say to that person on that day. You can read it, have someone else read it, or keep it private.

5. Use flowers or candles in the church to symbolize the loved one(s). You might want to include this in the program, so the guests understand the relevance of the candles or flowers. You may designate someone specific to lay out the flower(s) at a particular time (like carry in a single long-stem rose when they enter the church and lay it up front), or you may light a candle for that person when you light your unity candle.

6. Have a nice photo frame set up at the reception with your loved one’s photo in it. You might also set up a digital photo frame which would rotate through different pictures. This would also work well if you are doing any type of photo “tribute” to the bride and groom, and their lives (from babies up). Include photos of them with their remembered loved ones in the photo rotation or slideshow.

7. Include a short poem, or thought on the program itself, along with who it is in memory of, and list the name(s).

8. Mention them in your wedding toast or speech- but keep it short & sweet, otherwise you’re liable to turn into a blubbering bride!

9. Some brides & grooms will forego buying traditional favors and will instead make a donation to a charity or cause of choice. You could do so for a loved-one, and have a card on the table that states you’ve made a donation to _________ organization, in memory of that person or people.

10. Find out the person’s favorite reading or poem and work it into the ceremony. Or, if they had a favorite song, include this at the reception. Dedicate the dance to them.

Grieving a loved one is tough.  It’s exhausting and real.  Remember that your wedding day is meant to be full of joy and love.  Take some time for grieving — it’s important.  But give your guests what they came for:   A big smile and lots of hugs and kisses.  That’s what your loved one would have wanted for you.

red rose for wedding, Seattle Wedding Officiants, Seattle Wedding

Choose Seattle For Your Destination Wedding

I am so inspired by my beloved city of Seattle!  I was born here, have lived here almost my entire life and can’t think of another place I would rather be.  Let’s face it, we would all like to be laying on a beach in sunny Hawaii during the cold winter months.  But Seattle’s climate is so manageable, and there is so much to do here:  Why not make Seattle your destination wedding location?

My background  includes planning and executing trips for travelers who want to experience Seattle.  As a result, my expertise in all things Seattle has been a terrific asset when working with couples who are coming here from out of town.   First and foremost, let me craft a beautiful ceremony for your special day.  Working together, we can create something you will always remember and cherish.  Then let me help you plan the weekend (or longer if you want to travel to other areas of the state).    I can set you up at a downtown hotel, find a venue for your destination wedding and recommend a fabulous restaurant where you can enjoy a meal created by one of our fantastic local chefs.  I can even set up a show for you at one of our downtown theaters.

Having the good fortune of experiencing Seattle first-hand my entire life has provided me with the tools and inspiration to create a destination wedding you will never forget.

Call me for a free consultation today!  206-406-7919



Elopement on the 75th floor of Columbia Tower

Cody and Rae contacted me just under a month ago to discuss their “last minute” wedding.  They live in Idaho but wanted to come to Seattle to elope.  I did not meet them in person until the morning of their wedding at their hotel in downtown Seattle.  What transpired during that meeting was something I could not have planned on my best day!  They had originally wanted to get married on Seattle’s waterfront.   Because the weather was cold and damp, however, our morning meeting was spent talking about plan B.  Plan B ended up being the observation deck of the Columbia Tower — 75 stories above their original waterfront location!  The entire experience of getting the “ok” from the Columbia Tower — to marrying Cody and Rae against such a dramatic skyline — to the Columbia Tower gifting Cody and Rae with a bottle of cold champagne was nothing short of magical.  I have to say that in all my years of officiating weddings this was probably one of the most unique elopements I have had the pleasure of being involved with.  The spontaneity of putting together a plan B that Cody and Rae will always remember and sharing their magical moment was truly amazing for me.  Congratulations Cody and Rae!

Please enjoy a few pictures of the day below (unfortunately my camera was on the blink so the pictures aren’t the best but I think you will feel the love and the drama of the setting):

[nggallery id=22]


Keri & Kiko’s Wedding Montage

In October I had the pleasure of working with Keri and Kiko.  They chose Occidental Square for their ceremony location and invited about 30 friends.  Oh, their dog Rusty was there too!  Keri and Kiko were so sweet and kept everything light and lovely.  There was a very light rain throughout the morning but there were absolutely no complaints from anyone.  You can see the love in their faces in the montage that their photographer Jen & Jody Photography produced for them below.  Please take the time to view this amazing montage that Jen and Jody created for Keri & Kiko.  Congratulations Keri & Kiko!


Click here to view: Keri & Kiko’s Wedding in Occidental Square, October 2011


Awesome all-season venue for your wedding!

Did you know that the Blue Ribbon Cooking School offers all inclusive wedding packages? Yes, you can sit down with one of their many professional wedding planners and choose your food, cake, flowers, linens and MORE!  they provide EVERYTHING!!!   You can use their venue on the shores of Lake Union or you can choose another venue and have them cater it. Blue Ribbon can customize your wedding package whether it is all inclusive or a la carte (catering only).

To get an idea of what Blue Ribbon Cooking School can do for you I have attached a gallery of a wedding I officiated for Matthew and Ilsa who worked with Blue Ribbon to create a beautiful wedding package.  Matthew and Ilsa wanted to get married at the Dahlia Garden at Volunteer Park.  Blue ribbon came up in the early morning (M&I wedding was at 9am) and set everything up including a beautiful arbor in front of the dahlia garden.  The ceremony proceeded beautifully, and afterwards, all the guests headed down to the Blue Ribbon venue on Lake Union for brunch.  This was one of their all-inclusive packages that couldn’t have been more special for the couple.  Ilsa and Matthew got to choose their flowers, cake, food, etc. and it was all inclusive in the BL package.  What could be easier.

I have had the pleasure of working with Blue Ribbon on several occasions and I highly recommend that you contact them to discuss your dream wedding.  They are experts at what they do and as an added bonus they are over the top friendly and helpful!

Take a hike for your wedding

Do you love the outdoors?  Do you love to hike?  Would you like to get married in front of a waterfall in the North Cascades or old growth in the Olympics?  If you are a couple who likes to do things “out of the box” like  get married on a hike with your friends and dogs, you have come to the right place!

I also love to hike and I also have a dog and it’s the perfect time of the year to get out in the wilderness for a wedding!  Whether it’s under a the canopy of a forest or on a ridge in the mountains I would love to be your officiant for your nature wedding.  I also snowshoe and cross-country ski so if it’s a wintertime snow day you have chosen for your nuptials, count me in!

Check out the Washington Trails Association for a favorite hike and give me a call to plan your  wedding day in your favorite natural setting!

Get married in the North Cascades!


Beautiful Fall Wedding at the Woodmark

Approximately seven weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Ted and Annie who wanted to get married at the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland to celebrate their love and friendship.  I suppose you could say it was somewhat of a “last minute” request because there were only seven weeks to get everything planned and in place.  What transpired yesterday at their wedding was simply amazing!  Annie and Ted put together a beautiful, seamless, enjoyable day for both themselves and all their family and friends.  I was so impressed at how organized everything was and just how beautiful it all came together in seven short weeks.  The bride and groom looked stunning, the decorations were charming and all the guests were over the top with happiness for Annie and Ted.  All in all it was a huge success and a day filled with love!  Please enjoy the gallery of Ted and Annie below.

[nggallery id=20]