Another Space Needle Observation Deck wedding!

Just got back from another wedding at the Space Needle Observation Deck  Congratulations Andrew and Teresa!  You are a beautiful couple and I wish you much happiness!

I have to give the folks at the Space Needle a great big thanks for letting us have our way.  When I arrived I wasn’t aware of the fact that my couple wanted to eat at the needle after the ceremony.  I asked them if they had a reservation and they said no.  I also advised them that if they were going to eat up there that their elevator ride would be complementary.  They were excited about that considering the elevator ride fee for adults is $18 per person.  But what we didn’t know — and this is partly what I’m blogging about so others can be aware — is that they only give out the complementary tickets 30 minutes before your meal reservation.  The problem with this was that my couple wanted to get married on the observation deck at 1pm and their brunch reservation wasn’t until 2:15.  So that meant, if they wanted to have their elevator ride paid by the Space Needle folks they (we) would have to wait around for 45 minutes.  I insisted that they wait and get the discount because who wants to pay $18 per person when you don’t have to, right?  Instead, and this is where my compliments go out to the Space Needle, we went to the desk and spoke with a manager and long story short, she personally escorted us up the elevator to the observation deck and we were able to have our ceremony on time with the couples meal to follow later.

That’s customer service!  Thanks Space Needle!

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