So, you’re getting married!  What kind of wedding ceremony do you want?

  • Non-traditional, non-religious
  • Traditional, with religious overtones
  • Second time around?  No fuss, just friends and family
  • Commitment ceremony
  • Vow renewal
  • Intercultural with a traditional custom added
  • Super short ~ let’s get the party started!
  • Or you just want to make it legal, paperwork only?

Every couple has a unique story.  No matter what kind of ceremony you want, my goal at Seattle Wedding Officiants is to help you tell your story just the way you want to on your special day. I will help you decide what you want your ceremony to look and feel like—and then take you through the steps to make it happen—just the way you dreamed it would.  (See a sample ceremony by clicking here.)

I’ve married all kinds of couples in lots of different settings: multi-faith, traditional Christian, civil, commitment and non-denominational ceremonies and more.  My passion is helping couples celebrate their love with a ceremony that they and their guests will remember: turning an ordinary wedding ceremony into the extraordinary.  In addition, I have officiated weddings at  a variety of locations: private homes, beaches and city parks, hotels and mansions.  I even joined a couple and their friends on a 3-mile hike to Tiger Mountain, Issaquah where the couple exchanged vows overlooking the Issaquah valley below (see photo in slideshow above).  I am always open to exploring new locations of your choice and welcome new requests!

What makes me different? The couples I have married tell me that I:

  • Helped them feel less overwhelmed about planning the most important event of their lives
  • Was generous with my advice in their  free consultation
  • Am patient and flexible
  • Am the “queen of organizing” so no detail gets forgotten
  • Kept them calm and focused during the ceremony
  • Kept their wedding guests engaged, so they could focus on each other on their wedding day
  • Am sensitive and had a calming influence on the bride and groom’s pre-wedding jitters

I will help you craft a perfect ceremony and assist with the details so you can focus on the joy and happiness on your special day. Call me at 206-406-7919 or use this easy contact form. I now also offer free video to video SKYPE consultations.